Financial Mastery | Kim Kiyosaki | 2020

Kim Kiyosaki

Founder – Rich Woman & Real estate investor

Kim is an internationally renowned speaker, author (Rich Woman, Good Deal Bad Deal), entrepreneur, real estate investor, radio show host, and the founder of Rich Woman.

When Kim (Meyer) Kiyosaki left her home in Oregon and boldly moved to Hawaii to attend college, she had no idea that her move to an island paradise would transform her life in every way... and set the course for a future that would transform the lives of millions. Like many college freshmen, she planned to go to school, graduate, get a job, work, and begin the steady climb to the top of some corporate ladder. She figured that college would be the ticket to a more secure life.

However, while working for a local business in Honolulu, Kim discovered that being an employee wasn't her dream. It wasn't getting her where she wanted to be, and she realised there had to be something more.

Fast forward to today where Kim controls millions of dollars of investment property and teaches others how to achieve financial freedom through investing and taking control of their financial futures.

Kim Kiyosaki